With the exception of All Saints, North Street, St.Denys has more mediaeval stained glass than any other York parish church. Here are a few of the highlights:


Roger de Skelton



Robert de Skelton, citizen of York, from the north aisle central window. He is shown holding a ‘model’ of this window, which he gave to the church in c.1340. This is one of only two surviving examples in British mediaeval stained glass of donors holding representations of the window they gave. Robert’s wife and son also appear in this window, and in the background are the ‘butterflies’ characteristic of York-made 14th century glass.


St. Denys



Saint Denys, from the main east window (above the communion table). He is shown holding his severed head, which according to legend he carried from his place of martyrdom (‘Montmartre’, Paris) to his place of burial at what became the Abbey of Saint-Denis. This window dates from c.1452-55, and was probably given by the Percy family, Earls of Northumberland, who had a town house nearby. It once included depictions of Percy family members (now lost), and still displays the Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary and St.John; possibly St.Leonard; and a panel depicting St.William of York kneeling before a Pope.


The Angel and the Devil



A fragment from the east window of the south aisle ( St.Catherine’s Chapel), which once told the legendary life story of St.Catherine. Now a mosaic of fragments, including this depiction of an angel and devil whispering good and evil advice into the ears of a triple-crowned pope (15th century).


The Hurdy-gurdy



Tracery light of the south aisle eastern window, which also depicts St.Catherine and the Virgin Mary. This light shows angels playing musical instruments, including (right) a ‘vielle’ or hurdy-gurdy.


Buy the Book:

Roger Walton, a member of our ‘occasional choir’ and an excellent photographer, has published a book entitled  ’Stories in Glass’ about the glass of St.Denys. This is available online at http://www.blurb.com/books/3197777. Or if you would prefer a hard copy at about £25, please contact Roger at rogerwalton@btinternet.com