The North Aisle Renewal Project

In late 2015 we began working to save our north aisle, which had started to come away from the main body of the church. Thanks to a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and our own fundraising efforts we have managed to keep our aisle standing for many centuries to come and for our visitors from the city and all around the world to enjoy. 

For more detail about the work, please see a note from our church warden: Back from the Brink 

Below is a short picture gallery marking some key moments in the progress: 


    2nd Oct '17: Work begins                                                                                     Major repairs to the roof


2nd Nov: 1st Window out                                                                           14th Nov: 2nd out





End of Nov: All the windows are gone!                                                  New gable in time for Christmas (19th Nov)         









    April 2018: New tracery going in




              September 2018: Completed N. Aisle in all its glory!